Amazing tourist places in Northeast India

The 8 states of Northeast India namely Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and Tripura are blessed with natural wonders, mountains, rich culture, traditions, wildlife and more. There are numerous tourist places in Northeast India that attract travelers from all around the world.

 Tripura has a rich history and culture and many popular places to visit. One such place is Ujjayanta Palace. This beautiful white palace situated in the city of Agartala reminds us of the age of the Tripura maharajas. This palace is a perfect classic example with elegant floors, curved ceilings, and huge doors and a must visit place in Tripura.  Similarly, Neermahal Palace made of marbles and exquisite stone balconies, bridges and pavilions is another tourist place to visit in Tripura. Another tourist place in Tripura is the Jagannath Temple. It is not only a tourist place but a pilgrim as well and the best time to visit is between Oct-May.

A famous place to visit in Assam is Kaziranga National Park – UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in the centre of Assam. It is home to the two-third world’s population of one-horned rhinoceros and offers elephant and jeep safari experiences to visitors. If you ever visit Sikkim, Tsomgo Lake is a place you cannot miss visiting. This ethereal beauty at an elevation of 12,400ft gives any tourist the most peaceful and surreal experience in Sikkim. Another place to visit in Northeast India is the Tawang Monastery located in the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh. It is also believed to be the largest in India and the second largest in the world. Umiam Lake is another lake in Northeast India located in Meghalaya that offers mesmerizing views of nature and the visitors can also go for boating. Umiam Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Shillong and also in India.

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Traditional Dress of Mizoram: A cloth of beauty and art

Mizoram is a state with dramatic landscapes, picturesque views of nature and pleasant climate in the northeast India. It is one of the seven sisters of India and just like the other states the traditional dresses worn by the people of Mizoram holds its significant values and are immensely beautiful. These colorful and beautifully designed dresses have touched million of hearts of outsiders and mesmerized millions of visitors.

The main traditional dress of Mizoram is Puan and Puan Chei, carefully designed, hand woven and worn during festivals. Puan is worn like a skirt and Puan Chei is worn while performing traditional dance. Zakulaisen is another traditional dress of Mizoram worn by unmarried girls. The Lusei tribal women wear a blue skirt stitched from gotten fabric as their traditional dress and after marriage they wear a dress called Puon Pie.

Men in Mizoram prefer simple style. There is no traditional dress in particular for men but the dress which is most commonly worn by men involves a long cloth that they wrap around their lower body from waist. Nagotrkhrh is a type of Puan which can be wrapped around the waist. This traditional dress was worn only by men in olden days. However these days it is also worn by women of Mizoram. Hmaram and Cyhna Hno are other traditional dresses of Mizoram that are common in both the genders.

Apart from the traditional dresses, Mizoram is also famous for its new sense of style found in today’s youth. Influenced by Western culture and music the youth of Mizoram carry themselves with exotic dressing sense and trending fashion style which makes them look unique and pretty. Though the western culture may have influenced the fashion sense in Mizoram, all the locals still have utmost respect for their traditional dresses and customs.

Just like these elegant and beautiful dresses people in Mizoram hold high cultural values and are very amicable and kind. Their charming personality and kindness always find a special corner in traveler’s heart and never fail to leave a long lasting impression. It is always nice to go to a place and feel connected with strangers in so many ways and be able to create unimaginable and everlasting memories which will make you always turn back with contentment and bright smile!

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Delectable food of Mizoram

The food of Mizoram is quite different from the rest of India. It is often called as the Mizo food or the Mizo cuisine. The Mizo cuisine is healthy, simple and a very little oil is used to prepare the dishes. The staple food of Mizoram is rice, and the locals prefer to use mustard oil as a cooking medium in most of the dishes. Every meal in Mizoram includes some non-vegetarian delicacies and fish is the favorite of all non-vegetarian foods in Mizoram.

Often taken as a starter, Bai is a local favorite in Mizoram made with pork, bamboo shoots, and steamed vegetables. The key factor of this food is the inclusion of different herbs and spices. Bai is easily available in lots of places all over Mizoram. Another popular food of Mizoram is the delicious Vawksa Rep, also prepared with pork. Pork being the main star of this dish is beautifully infused with some flavored herbs and smoked. The meat is then finally cut into cubes and ready to eat. Bamboo shoot fry is a delicious vegetarian dish in Mizoram prepared by frying bamboo shoot in a mix of herbs. Sometimes shitake mushrooms and other vegetables can also be added to the mixture and it is a wonderful dish that is light on the stomach.

Panch Phoran Tarka is also a popular spicy food and is prepared in several places in Mizoram. It can either be made in vegetarian style or non-vegetarian fashion. When panch phoran tarka is made in vegetarian version, vegetables like eggplants, pumpkins, and potatoes are used. The non-vegetarian version mostly includes chicken. Another delicious food of Mizoram is koat pitha. It is essentially a fried dish popular in Mizoram prepared with rice flour and bananas. They also add fish to it. It looks crispy from the outside but is soft and warm from the inside. Koat Pitha makes for an ideal snack with tea and generally tastes a little sweet because of the presence of bananas.

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Traditional dresses of many colors in Mizoram

People of Mizoram have been making contributions to keep the culture of their state alive via means of their dress. The traditional dresses of Mizoram are similar to other hill states, colorful and attractive. Like every other state in India, people in Mizoram treat their traditional dresses with utmost respect. There are many tribes in Mizoram and their dresses slightly differ from one another.

One of the traditional dresses of Mizoram is Puan worn by women. Puan has shades of black, white, and red; the black shade is made of synthetic fur. The dress puanchei is usually worn by women during festivals and any kind of celebrations in Mizoram. The locals usually wear their traditional dresses in festivals in Mizoram. One of the traditional dresses is called as kawrechi worn by the girls. The blouse is usually paired with puanchei and traditionally, they are hand-woven. Lusei tribe women wear cotton blue skirt paired white jacket and a fabric to wrap around their body. Any traditional dress in Mizoram is considered incomplete without headgear. These headgears are basically coronals made with raw materials such as canes and bamboos.

traditional dress worn by the unmarried girls in Mizoram is zakuolaisen. Puon pie is another traditional dress worn only by married women. The traditional dress for men in Mizoram is a long drape around 5 to 6 feet long wrapped around their lower body. They add on extra clothing in the winters when it is cold to cover up their upper body. During summers, they wear regular drape around their waist and a turban to protect themselves on their head from the heat. In ancient times the lusei tribe men draped cloth on their waist and carried a rucksack, the skin of bear or tiger (whichever animal they killed) hung over one shoulder, and a long sharp weapon over the other which was replaced by guns years later. These men still wear their dresses in festivals to preserve their culture but in place of skin of animals they add an extra cloth to replicate it. Other few of many traditional dresses of Mizoram are Thangou Puon, Ngotekherh and cyhna hno.

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How To Reach Different Cities Of Mizoram

Mizoram is one of the Seven Sister North-eastern states of India. It is landlocked with Assam, Manipur, and Tripura in India and with the countries of Bangladesh, and Myanmar too. Mizoram’s topography consists of undulating hills, valleys, lakes, and rivers. There are 21 major hill ranges or peaks in Mizoram. This dramatic and captivating landscape along with Mizoram’s pleasant climate has been nicknamed as  Mizorama. The major tribe here are Mizos and the word ‘ram’ means land. So Mizoram literally translates to ‘Land of the Mizos’

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram is also the largest city in Mizoram and is located in the northern part of Mizoram. It has a lot of tourist attractions and also home to the world’s largest family lives (180 members) in Baktawng Village. Mizoram is connected through its rail head in Bairabi in Kolasib District. However, the track ends at Bairabi and you need to take another transportation to reach your destination. Other railway stations close to Mizoram are Mualkhang, and Khamrang railway stations. Mizoram has only one airport—Lengpui Airport, which is a domestic airport located in Aizawl and is well connected to all major Indian metros. Lengpui Airport is also the first airport in the country to be built by a state government. Indians require an Inner Line Pass is required for entry into Mizoram which is not too complicated to obtain.

Mizoram has a total of 125 cities. The 5 major tourist cities of Mizoram include Aizawl; Champhai; Khawbung; Lunglei; and Thenzawl. Mizoram has a state transport corporation with buses running throughout the state and connects with all the major cities and towns. However, these can be overcrowded. Other ways to travel are by sumo and minibus, which run between all towns and cities. You can also opt for taxis that ply between cities and also around Mizoram’s countryside. If you decide to take a tour package here then we suggest you ask for a rental cab/ transport vehicle everywhere in Mizoram (which is normally included in holiday packages).

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Tourist Places In Mizoram

Mizoram is one of the Seven Sisters, a north-eastern state of India. It provides a unique destination for tourists with its dramatic landscapes, enjoyable weather, and interesting cuisine. It shares borders nationally with Assam, Manipur, Tripura, and internationally with Bangladesh, and Myanmar. The best time to visit Mizoram is between November and March. Its capital Aizawl, has its Lengpui Airport and is well connected to all major metros. The closest railway stations are Bairabi, Mualkhang, and Khamrang Railway Station. Indians require an Inner Line Pass is required for entry into Mizoram which is not too complicated to obtain.

Here are 5 tourist places to cover on your visit to Mizoram

Aizawl – It is the capital of Mizoram and is a beautiful old city situated on steep hills. Some of the attractions here are Solomon’s Temple, the State Museum, Reiek Heritage village, and Durtlang Hills. Bara Bazaar at Bau Tlang is the main shopping center. Also, visit Tamdil lake.

Lunglei – It is the second largest city of Mizoram and an apt place for nature lovers. Places to visit include the stone bridge Lung-lei, Khawnglung, Saza and Thorangtlang Wildlife Sanctuary, and Saikuti Hall.

Thenzawl – This beautiful town is located in Serchhip district of Mizoram. The main tourist attraction here is Vantawng Falls, the highest waterfall in the state.

Champhai – Champhai is a flat land that offers a stunning view of the surrounding hills. Popular places to visit here are Murlen National Park, Rih Dil lake, Mura Puk, Lengteng Wildlife Sanctuary, and Thaisama Seno Neihna

Hmuifang Tlang – Situated 50 km from Aizawl, Hmuifang Tlang is a perfect place for mountain biking. Enjoy trails at  Baktawng, Trail Sialsuk, and Trail Lungleng.  And explore hilltops of places such as Chawilung, Hmuifang, Sumsuih, and Thiak.

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