Traditional dresses of many colors in Mizoram

People of Mizoram have been making contributions to keep the culture of their state alive via means of their dress. The traditional dresses of Mizoram are similar to other hill states, colorful and attractive. Like every other state in India, people in Mizoram treat their traditional dresses with utmost respect. There are many tribes in Mizoram and their dresses slightly differ from one another.

One of the traditional dresses of Mizoram is Puan worn by women. Puan has shades of black, white, and red; the black shade is made of synthetic fur. The dress puanchei is usually worn by women during festivals and any kind of celebrations in Mizoram. The locals usually wear their traditional dresses in festivals in Mizoram. One of the traditional dresses is called as kawrechi worn by the girls. The blouse is usually paired with puanchei and traditionally, they are hand-woven. Lusei tribe women wear cotton blue skirt paired white jacket and a fabric to wrap around their body. Any traditional dress in Mizoram is considered incomplete without headgear. These headgears are basically coronals made with raw materials such as canes and bamboos.

traditional dress worn by the unmarried girls in Mizoram is zakuolaisen. Puon pie is another traditional dress worn only by married women. The traditional dress for men in Mizoram is a long drape around 5 to 6 feet long wrapped around their lower body. They add on extra clothing in the winters when it is cold to cover up their upper body. During summers, they wear regular drape around their waist and a turban to protect themselves on their head from the heat. In ancient times the lusei tribe men draped cloth on their waist and carried a rucksack, the skin of bear or tiger (whichever animal they killed) hung over one shoulder, and a long sharp weapon over the other which was replaced by guns years later. These men still wear their dresses in festivals to preserve their culture but in place of skin of animals they add an extra cloth to replicate it. Other few of many traditional dresses of Mizoram are Thangou Puon, Ngotekherh and cyhna hno.

The attractive colorful dresses with beautiful designs, embroideries, and styles of the costumes have surely given it an edge over others. When in Mizoram, do try these beautiful dresses and capture the moments. Read full article at:


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