Delectable food of Mizoram

The food of Mizoram is quite different from the rest of India. It is often called as the Mizo food or the Mizo cuisine. The Mizo cuisine is healthy, simple and a very little oil is used to prepare the dishes. The staple food of Mizoram is rice, and the locals prefer to use mustard oil as a cooking medium in most of the dishes. Every meal in Mizoram includes some non-vegetarian delicacies and fish is the favorite of all non-vegetarian foods in Mizoram.

Often taken as a starter, Bai is a local favorite in Mizoram made with pork, bamboo shoots, and steamed vegetables. The key factor of this food is the inclusion of different herbs and spices. Bai is easily available in lots of places all over Mizoram. Another popular food of Mizoram is the delicious Vawksa Rep, also prepared with pork. Pork being the main star of this dish is beautifully infused with some flavored herbs and smoked. The meat is then finally cut into cubes and ready to eat. Bamboo shoot fry is a delicious vegetarian dish in Mizoram prepared by frying bamboo shoot in a mix of herbs. Sometimes shitake mushrooms and other vegetables can also be added to the mixture and it is a wonderful dish that is light on the stomach.

Panch Phoran Tarka is also a popular spicy food and is prepared in several places in Mizoram. It can either be made in vegetarian style or non-vegetarian fashion. When panch phoran tarka is made in vegetarian version, vegetables like eggplants, pumpkins, and potatoes are used. The non-vegetarian version mostly includes chicken. Another delicious food of Mizoram is koat pitha. It is essentially a fried dish popular in Mizoram prepared with rice flour and bananas. They also add fish to it. It looks crispy from the outside but is soft and warm from the inside. Koat Pitha makes for an ideal snack with tea and generally tastes a little sweet because of the presence of bananas.

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