How To Reach Different Cities Of Mizoram

Mizoram is one of the Seven Sister North-eastern states of India. It is landlocked with Assam, Manipur, and Tripura in India and with the countries of Bangladesh, and Myanmar too. Mizoram’s topography consists of undulating hills, valleys, lakes, and rivers. There are 21 major hill ranges or peaks in Mizoram. This dramatic and captivating landscape along with Mizoram’s pleasant climate has been nicknamed as  Mizorama. The major tribe here are Mizos and the word ‘ram’ means land. So Mizoram literally translates to ‘Land of the Mizos’

Aizawl, the capital of Mizoram is also the largest city in Mizoram and is located in the northern part of Mizoram. It has a lot of tourist attractions and also home to the world’s largest family lives (180 members) in Baktawng Village. Mizoram is connected through its rail head in Bairabi in Kolasib District. However, the track ends at Bairabi and you need to take another transportation to reach your destination. Other railway stations close to Mizoram are Mualkhang, and Khamrang railway stations. Mizoram has only one airport—Lengpui Airport, which is a domestic airport located in Aizawl and is well connected to all major Indian metros. Lengpui Airport is also the first airport in the country to be built by a state government. Indians require an Inner Line Pass is required for entry into Mizoram which is not too complicated to obtain.

Mizoram has a total of 125 cities. The 5 major tourist cities of Mizoram include Aizawl; Champhai; Khawbung; Lunglei; and Thenzawl. Mizoram has a state transport corporation with buses running throughout the state and connects with all the major cities and towns. However, these can be overcrowded. Other ways to travel are by sumo and minibus, which run between all towns and cities. You can also opt for taxis that ply between cities and also around Mizoram’s countryside. If you decide to take a tour package here then we suggest you ask for a rental cab/ transport vehicle everywhere in Mizoram (which is normally included in holiday packages).

Read more about the magical state of Mizoram here:


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