Traditional Dress of Mizoram: A cloth of beauty and art

Mizoram is a state with dramatic landscapes, picturesque views of nature and pleasant climate in the northeast India. It is one of the seven sisters of India and just like the other states the traditional dresses worn by the people of Mizoram holds its significant values and are immensely beautiful. These colorful and beautifully designed dresses have touched million of hearts of outsiders and mesmerized millions of visitors.

The main traditional dress of Mizoram is Puan and Puan Chei, carefully designed, hand woven and worn during festivals. Puan is worn like a skirt and Puan Chei is worn while performing traditional dance. Zakulaisen is another traditional dress of Mizoram worn by unmarried girls. The Lusei tribal women wear a blue skirt stitched from gotten fabric as their traditional dress and after marriage they wear a dress called Puon Pie.

Men in Mizoram prefer simple style. There is no traditional dress in particular for men but the dress which is most commonly worn by men involves a long cloth that they wrap around their lower body from waist. Nagotrkhrh is a type of Puan which can be wrapped around the waist. This traditional dress was worn only by men in olden days. However these days it is also worn by women of Mizoram. Hmaram and Cyhna Hno are other traditional dresses of Mizoram that are common in both the genders.

Apart from the traditional dresses, Mizoram is also famous for its new sense of style found in today’s youth. Influenced by Western culture and music the youth of Mizoram carry themselves with exotic dressing sense and trending fashion style which makes them look unique and pretty. Though the western culture may have influenced the fashion sense in Mizoram, all the locals still have utmost respect for their traditional dresses and customs.

Just like these elegant and beautiful dresses people in Mizoram hold high cultural values and are very amicable and kind. Their charming personality and kindness always find a special corner in traveler’s heart and never fail to leave a long lasting impression. It is always nice to go to a place and feel connected with strangers in so many ways and be able to create unimaginable and everlasting memories which will make you always turn back with contentment and bright smile!

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