Food of Mizoram: A feast for the eyes

Mizoram has a variety of unimaginably delicious delicates to offer. The delicious food of Mizoram is mild to slightly spicy, tinted with influences of Chinese and North Indian cuisines. This blend gives a unique taste, and you will remember them long after you’ve eaten. Mostly the food preparations are non vegetarian in Mizoram. However, a fair share of vegetarian delicacies is also consumed. The locals in Mizoram use spices occasionally, and when they do, they mostly prefer using locally grown organic fresh spices.

Some of the popular foods of Mizoram that will make your mouth water are Bai, Bamboo shoot fry, Koat Pitha, Vawksa Rep and Panch Phoran Tarka. Bai is basically a soup with varieties of green vegetables, eggplants, and beans, a mixture of boiled vegetables, herbs, and spices where meat such as pork is added with bamboo shoots. Traditionally, pork is mandatory, but if you are vegetarian, you can exclude them.  Bamboo shoot fry is a famous food of Mizoram, a total vegetarian dish that you must try. These shoots are fried and then tossed with herbs and spices. Koat Pitha is a fried dish made using rice flour and bananas and sometimes fish is also added. This food looks crispy from the outside but is soft and warm from the inside. Vawska rep is another popular food of Mizoram. It is a pork meat flavored with some delicious local herbs and spices, smoked and cut into cubes. Yet another popular food of Mizoram is Panch Phoran Tarka that can be either made as a non-vegetarian dish or totally in a vegetarian fashion. It is prepared either with lot of vegetables or meat like chicken. This dish is supposed to be spicy and delicious.

Another delicious and popular food of Mizoram is the yummy Misa Mach Poora prepared with shrimps that are cooked and grilled to get that juicy mouth watering flavor. When in Mizoram do not forget the healthy Chhum Han. It is a simple steamed vegetable of many kinds and eaten with rice.

Whether you consider yourself as a foodie or not, you are going to be feasting like royals in Mizoram. A fusion of the taste of China and North India together is what you will get in Mizoram.

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