‘Live to eat’ in Nepal: the delicious food of Nepal

The flavors in Nepal are unique and the preparations of traditional food are interesting. Due to the wonderful variation in its landform, the food of Nepal has been influenced by other neighboring countries as well.

Rice being the staple food of Nepal, Dhal Bhat also referred to as Dal-Bhat-Tarkari is one of the most delicious meals loved by all Nepalese. Dal is basically pulses like lentils, black gram and bhat is the Nepali translation for rice. Dal bhat is served with vegetables, meat and other side dishes. Another popular food of Nepal is the delicious momos. Served with hot spicy chutney, momos are something you cannot miss to have in Nepal. Thukpa is something you must try in Nepal. It is a thick noodle soup that can be totally vegetarian or may contain meat and eggs. It is a dish you would love to have during cold weather. If you love lamb or similar kind of meat you must be glad to know that gorkhali lamb is a delicacy in Nepal. It is a slow cooked lamb, grilled and sealed with spices. Chowmein is one of the foods easily available in Nepal and is extremely delicious. It is boiled noodles washed at first and stir fried with vegetables or meat and eggs with addition of some spices and sauce.

Some of the typical traditional foods of Nepal are dhido, sel roti, gundruk, sinki, sishnu and kinema. Dhido is a typical Nepali traditional food passed down by ancestors in Nepal. It is absolutely delicious and healthy cooked paste of buckwheat flour like thick polenta. Another traditional food of Nepal is sel roti made with rice flour fried in hot oil or ghee in shapes like doughnuts. Gundruk is a popular Nepalese food made by fermenting and drying leafy vegetables but mostly rayo sag, radish leaves and mustard leaves. Sinki is similar to gundruk but instead of leafy vegetables, tiny pieces of radish are used to make it. Sinki is loved by all; it can also be taken as soup and had with rice or put in bottles as pickles. Kinema is an indigenous fermented soybean food of Nepal that takes many weeks to be made and has a pungent smell, yet extremely delicious. Another interesting food of Nepal is sishnu. It is basically the stinging nettle plant with slimy texture and is really healthy.

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