Explore Northeast India for a refreshing break

The year-end months in India are usually marked with festivals. It’s a time for big gatherings, celebrations, and family holidays. If you’re looking for a relaxing break, northeast India is probably a good choice.

Fresh out of the monsoons, the landscape of these Himalayan regions is intoxicatingly vibrant and refreshing. Nature walks, hikes, treks, ropeway rides, jeep safaris, and mountain biking are just some ways to enjoy the scenery.

For a cultural experience, you can attend numerous festivals such as Pang Lhabsol in Sikkim, Hornbill Festival in Nagaland, and Majuli Festival in Assam that are eagerly awaited throughout the year. From dances to food, festivals are celebrated extravagantly here.

Close to the Eastern Himalayas, Northeast India enjoys a pleasant climate most of the year. Monsoons and winters can be harsh but enjoyable with the right activities and snowfall can be witnessed here from December-February.

Read all about tourist places in Northeast India to understand each state’s unique offerings before planning your trip.

It’s best to go through a travel agent to avoid the hassle of obtaining permits as some states lie close to international borders with numerous restricted areas.

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