Tour the stunning Northeast India

Northeast India is a region of high mountain passes, valleys, rivers, lakes, and forests. This varied terrain is hard to navigate, but over the years, new roads, bridges, railways, and airports have made it easier to travel between states.

If you’re looking to travel to a few northeast states at a go, you can club Mizoram, Tripura, Manipur, and Nagaland. You can discover the tribal crafts and culture of Nagaland, dwell in the beauty of Mizoram, feast on Manipur’s Loktak Lake with its floating phumids, and explore the princely traditions of Tripura.

An amalgamation of people, culture, food, language, crafts, beliefs, and more, Northeast India offers an experience like no other. Except for the monsoon season, and the winter months of December and January for some states that receive heavy snowfall, the rest of the year is perfect to visit. The stunning views of the Himalayas are a crowd-puller to this part of the country, and it’s a welcome alternative to the crowded tourist places of Himachal Pradesh.

From leisure tours and pilgrimage visits to adventure trips, Northeast India is the perfect destination for anyone looking to run to the mountains.

For immersive experiences, opt for homestays, village tours, participation in local activities, and volunteering for community services.

Things to note while touring Northeast India:

  1. Be respectful of religion places.
  2. Do not litter.
  3. Intermingle with the locals politely.
  4. Read up on the places you are visiting to stay knowledgeable.
  5. Keep ready cash as cards might not work due to poor network.
  6. Shop from local markets to support local business owners.

Note that many places need permits to visit, so make sure to arrange for them before leaving on your vacation.


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