Magical tour of Meghalaya

One of the wettest regions in the world, Meghalaya will enthrall you with its waterfalls, streams, and vegetation. The landscape is best explored on foot, and there are many hiking trails that take you to hidden and less explored places.

Meghalaya might be the only state that encourages people to visit during the monsoons. The waterfalls and play of cloud formations are unmatched anywhere in the country.

The local inhabitants–the Khasis, Garos, and Jaintias–bring in different cultural flavors to the state in terms of language, beliefs, food, and lifestyle. This can be observed during the festivals, which are celebrated with great fervor.

Meghalaya also offers immersive experiences through village tours and homestays. The living root bridges that are unique to the state are worth investigating.

Take a magical tour of Meghalaya this year for a rejuvenating break and cultural extravaganza.


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