Trekking can definitely be your thing even if you hate walking. A crazy proposition, I know, but hear me out.

It’s true that a lot of first-time trekkers have struggled real bad; steep inclinations, uneven terrain, altitude sickness, insect bites, scratches, and keeping up with the pace of other experienced trekkers in the team, among others. But none of them regretted it. Here are some convincing reasons given by first-time trekkers that are really worth giving a thought to:

“Nature is intriguingly beautiful. When one is ready to give up, something springs up, such as a peculiar-looking flower, which grabs your attention, and then the climb till that point becomes worth it.”

“You learn so much from trekking: from getting a crash course on the different types of trees, insects, birds, and animals to sometimes interacting with the local village folk using the trails to transport food and goods to other places.”

“The panoramic views of the mountains and valleys after reaching the top leave you gobsmacked. That’s the ultimate reward for any trek. You wouldn’t get that view from anywhere else.”

You have got to try trekking to see for yourself what so many trekkers have felt and what I myself can vouch is a mandatory one-time experience (if not many) after being a long-time follower of the “Garfield workout.” Continue reading…


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