Manipur is one of the seven sister states in the Northeast region of India. It shares an international border with Myanmar. The birthplace of the modern game of Polo and Ras Leela, Manipur is also equally esteemed for its natural beauty and hidden splendour. The name Manipur literally translates to ‘Land of hidden Jewels’.  If this does not seem the reason to beckon a traveller, then its unique cuisine will definitely draw attention.


Being home to tribes of Meiteis (the ethnic majority here) along with the Hamr, Kuki, Loi, and Nagas, Manipur is a melting pot of Sino-Tibetan cultures and traditions. Being influenced by different countries and communities, the traditional food of Manipur is said to be similar to the cuisine of Southeast and Central Asia like that of the Thais and Vietnamese. The staples here are rice, local vegetables and leaves, fish and meats, and last but not the least, lots of herbs like mint, coriander, chives, pepper and basil, that grow in abundance in Manipur. Keep reading…


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