Imphal is the capital city of the Northeastern Indian state of Manipur which shares its border with Myanmar. Imphal was the royal seat for the former Kingdom of Manipur up until the British rule. This city is famous for a lot of things—it’s home to the world’s oldest polo grounds (Manipur being the birthplace of this sport) and also to the Keibul Lamjao National Park on Loktak Lake, the only floating national park in the world. It also houses historical landmarks such as Kangla Fort and the Khongjom War Memorial. 


This picturesque city is located at roughly 2600 feet above sea level and experiences what can be described as a humid subtropical climate which is characterized by mild, dry winters and a hot monsoon season. The average annual temperature in Imphal is roughly about 21 °C with the summer temperatures reaching 30 °C and the winters at 4 °C. 

Temperature in Imphal in Summers: 

The period from April to June is regarded as summertime here. The range of temperature varies from a low of 16°C to a high of 35°C. This is the season when maximum tourists are seen in the city. 

Activities: Attend the Lai Haraoba and Moatsu festivals celebrated in May-June every year which draw huge crowds. Keep reading


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