People in India consider their culture as their brand. Mizoram, one of the beautiful states of Northeast India is no less in proudly presenting and preserving its culture and traditions. There are so many ways to understand a culture and the way of living of any community. Some ways are to understand their cuisines, availability of the products, infrastructures, and also their dress. People of Mizoram have been making contributions to keep the culture of their state alive via means of their dress.

Patterns and colors

The traditional attire of Mizoram is similar to other hill states in terms of colorful designs and sometimes patterns. Like every other state in India and in the Northeast, people in Mizoram treat their traditional dresses with utmost respect. The men and women both have dresses with similar patterns. There are many tribes in Mizoram and their dresses slightly differ from one another.

Tradition dress of Mizo women

One of the traditional dresses of Mizoram is ‘Puan’ worn by women. Puan has shades of black, white, and red; the black shade is made of synthetic fur. The dress ‘puanchei’ is usually worn by women during festivals and any kind of celebration in Mizoram. It is basically a shawl with beautiful intricate design which women wrap their lower body with. Keep reading…


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