5 reasons to trek to Goecha La this spring

Situated in West Sikkim, the trek to Goecha La pass is one among the numerous trekking trails Sikkim has to offer. Well known for its wonderful scenes, unmatched views of grand peaks including Mt. Khangchendzonga, and rich varied greenery, the Goecha La trek is probably on every trekker’s bucket list.

So why is this trek so special you ask? Well, here are five reasons to visit Goecha La this spring (March and April).

(1) Trek through rhododendron forests: The trail to Goecha La runs through rhododendron forests. Rest assured you will not come across animals during your walk due to the narrow nature and dense vegetation on the trail.

(2) Inch closer to Mt. Khangchendzonga: As you move closer to Goecha La pass, the entire Khangchendzonga range can be seen clearly and offers great views during sunrise and sunsets.

(3) Changing landscape: From meandering trails and rivers and streams to forests and beautiful meadows of Dzongri, the Goecha La trek makes its ways through various landscapes.

(4) The weather in March and April is simply splendid: The rhododendron forests, which burst to life with pink and red flowers during spring-summer, makes walking through the forest enormously pleasing.

(5) Adventure of a lifetime: The sensational feeling of fulfilment that you feel upon reaching Mt. Pandim is pure magic. The memories and experiences you collect throughout the journey are the ones you will cherish forever.

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