Discover Sikkim on Two Wheels

Bike rentals in Sikkim are so popular that it’s hard to hire one on the go. While cars have a stereo system for entertainment, an air conditioner for comfort, and air bags and seat belts for safety, people still opt for bikes. So why is Bike rental in Sikkim so popular?

To understand its popularity, let’s get an overview of the experiences one can have while exploring Sikkim on two wheels.  

The Route

There are many biking routes in Sikkim that are well known for offering thrilling experiences. Gangtok to Gurudongmar Lake in North Sikkim is the most noted and difficult route. The route goes via the picturesque town of Lachen. The entire route is either guided by forest greens or snow-clad mountains, which will make you redefine the definition of beauty. Another route that bikers prefer is the East Sikkim route from Gangtok to Aritar via Zuluk. The route is also called the Silk Route as it was an ancient network of trade routes that connected China to India. 


A bike my not be safe or comfortable but it sure is convenient. You can easily move through traffic; parking is a breeze; you can fit into spaces where cars can’t; you decide where to go, when to go and which route to take; and no more waiting for cabs or calling up drivers. It’s just you, your bike, and the road.


The most important reason in our opinion is the experience. The experience and the sense of happiness you feel on a bike cannot be compared. The feeling of the fresh cool breeze sweeping through your face as gravity shifts underneath you or the sense of fulfillment you feel upon reaching the destination after a long and challenging ride is incomparable.   


The services provided by a bike rental company make a lot of difference in the demand. TourGenie provides topnotch bikes for bike hire in Gangtok including basic bike accessories like leg guards and helmet, not to forget free consultation on the itineraries and bike ride routes and destinations.

So if plan on visiting Sikkim and you know how to ride, do yourself a favour and rent a bike because like the saying goes “Four wheels move the body, two move the soul”.


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