Temperature in Imphal city

The beautiful state of northeast India Manipur has Imphal for its capital city located in the valley with Imphal River meandering through the city. This incredible capital of Manipur has a long great history that includes the ruins of Kangla Fort the seat of erstwhile kingdom. Today Imphal has emerged as an important tourist destination in the northeast of India and also an entry point for Manipur. 

The climate of Imphal is pleasant throughout the year and the average high temperature in Imphal during summer is 290C while the average low temperature in winter is 40C. The highest recorded temperature in Imphal was 35.6 °C while the lowest temperature recorded was 2.7 °C.

Some of the many places to visit in Imphal are the famous Kangla Fort, Bihu Loukon, Women’s Market, India Peace Memorial (Red Hill),  Imphal War Cemetery and Shree Govindajee Temple. The Kangla Fort is located on the banks of the Imphal River and has number of temples within the fort. Bihu Loukon is an interesting pre historic star shaped fort in Manipur that is situated in Maklang, the west district. At present only the ramparts remain which is built out of mud. The Women’s Market (Ima Keithel) is the commercial centre of Imphal city established in 16th century and today host around 5000 to 6000 stalls all run and managed by women. The India Peace Memorial aka Red hill is located at 17 km south of Imphal. It was the scene of action during the Second World War between Allied Forces and Japanese Forces fighting alongside the Indian National Army. Japanese war veterans have constructed a monument at the foot of this hill to commemorate the battle. The Imphal War Cemetery is one of the most visited places in Manipur, it has 1600 graves of British and Allied soldiers who fought and died in 1944 during World War II. Another place of tourist attraction in Imphal is the Shree Govindajee Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple has two gold plated domes, a paved court and a large, raised mandapa or congregation hall.

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