Amazing tourist places in Northeast India

The 8 states of Northeast India namely Sikkim, Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, Meghalaya, and Tripura are blessed with natural wonders, mountains, rich culture, traditions, wildlife and more. There are numerous tourist places in Northeast India that attract travelers from all around the world.

 Tripura has a rich history and culture and many popular places to visit. One such place is Ujjayanta Palace. This beautiful white palace situated in the city of Agartala reminds us of the age of the Tripura maharajas. This palace is a perfect classic example with elegant floors, curved ceilings, and huge doors and a must visit place in Tripura.  Similarly, Neermahal Palace made of marbles and exquisite stone balconies, bridges and pavilions is another tourist place to visit in Tripura. Another tourist place in Tripura is the Jagannath Temple. It is not only a tourist place but a pilgrim as well and the best time to visit is between Oct-May.

A famous place to visit in Assam is Kaziranga National Park – UNESCO World Heritage Site situated in the centre of Assam. It is home to the two-third world’s population of one-horned rhinoceros and offers elephant and jeep safari experiences to visitors. If you ever visit Sikkim, Tsomgo Lake is a place you cannot miss visiting. This ethereal beauty at an elevation of 12,400ft gives any tourist the most peaceful and surreal experience in Sikkim. Another place to visit in Northeast India is the Tawang Monastery located in the mountains of Arunachal Pradesh. It is also believed to be the largest in India and the second largest in the world. Umiam Lake is another lake in Northeast India located in Meghalaya that offers mesmerizing views of nature and the visitors can also go for boating. Umiam Lake is one of the most popular destinations in Shillong and also in India.

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Temperature in Imphal city

The beautiful state of northeast India Manipur has Imphal for its capital city located in the valley with Imphal River meandering through the city. This incredible capital of Manipur has a long great history that includes the ruins of Kangla Fort the seat of erstwhile kingdom. Today Imphal has emerged as an important tourist destination in the northeast of India and also an entry point for Manipur. 

The climate of Imphal is pleasant throughout the year and the average high temperature in Imphal during summer is 290C while the average low temperature in winter is 40C. The highest recorded temperature in Imphal was 35.6 °C while the lowest temperature recorded was 2.7 °C.

Some of the many places to visit in Imphal are the famous Kangla Fort, Bihu Loukon, Women’s Market, India Peace Memorial (Red Hill),  Imphal War Cemetery and Shree Govindajee Temple. The Kangla Fort is located on the banks of the Imphal River and has number of temples within the fort. Bihu Loukon is an interesting pre historic star shaped fort in Manipur that is situated in Maklang, the west district. At present only the ramparts remain which is built out of mud. The Women’s Market (Ima Keithel) is the commercial centre of Imphal city established in 16th century and today host around 5000 to 6000 stalls all run and managed by women. The India Peace Memorial aka Red hill is located at 17 km south of Imphal. It was the scene of action during the Second World War between Allied Forces and Japanese Forces fighting alongside the Indian National Army. Japanese war veterans have constructed a monument at the foot of this hill to commemorate the battle. The Imphal War Cemetery is one of the most visited places in Manipur, it has 1600 graves of British and Allied soldiers who fought and died in 1944 during World War II. Another place of tourist attraction in Imphal is the Shree Govindajee Temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. The temple has two gold plated domes, a paved court and a large, raised mandapa or congregation hall.

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Loktak Lake in Manipur at Bishnupur District is the largest freshwater Lake in the whole of India. This gorgeous lake is spread across 287sq km and is fed by five main rivers in Manipur. The Loktak Lake got its name from Meitei words Lok meaning stream tak meaning end hence it is the end of the Imphal River. Another unique feature of Loktak Lake is the floating mass of vegetation, these floating mass are called phumdis locally varying in thickness from 0.4 to 4.5 m deep.

Loktak Lake also has the famous Sendra Island resting on it, home to all the rivers and rivulets of Manipur and a famous tourist spot. The only floating National Park in the world is located in this lake called the Keibul Lamjao National Park that is home to sangai deer, wild boar, large Indian civet, otter, flying fox etc. Besides these animals there are a number of fish, amphibians, local and migratory birds and reptiles found in the park.  Rock Python is the largest carnivore reptile on the floating islands of the lake.

In Manipur the Loktak Day is observed every year on 15th October at the periphery of the lake to celebrate its uniqueness. This lake is well connected by road to Imphal and is 39 km away. It also serves as a source of water for hydropower generation, irrigation and drinking water. The Lake is also a source of livelihood for the rural fishermen who live in the surrounding areas and on phumdis. With 55 rural and urban hamlets around the Loktak Lake and a population of about 100,000 people living at the edge of the Lake, there is an enormous ecological pressure on the Loktak Lake. Today, Loktak Lake is at the highest level of eutrophication. The green surroundings, crimson sunset by the lake, pristine water, the labyrinth of boat routes add on to the beauty of the lake.

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Exploring the ethereal food of Manipur

The food of Manipur is influenced by different countries and communities, the traditional food of Manipur is said to be similar to the cuisine of South-east and Central Asia like that of the Thais and Vietnamese. The staples here are rice, local vegetables and leaves, fish and meats, and last but not the least, lots of herbs like mint, coriander, chives, pepper and basil, that grow in abundance in Manipur.

A typical Manipuri meal will consist of rice, ensaang or athongba, eromba, morok metpa and singju. Athongba is basically a vegetable stew often flavored with fried or dry fish. Eromba is similar to athongba the only difference is the vegetables are mashed and flavored with chilies and fermented fish called ngari. Morok metpa is spicy chutney or paste made of king chilies, garlic, salt and fermented fish and singju is a salad of local herbs, colocasia leaves, banana flowers etc. Even if you are a vegetarian you will find many options to choose from like kangsoi or chamthong, ooti etc. Kangsoi is similar to athongba minus the fish and ooti is another star food of Manipur consisting of mashed peas.

Apart from fish you will find many dishes of meat like chicken, beef, pork, lamb and mutton. Some of the popular meat dishes of Manipur are soibum thongba and yen thongba made of pork and chicken respectively. Many dishes of Manipur are flavored with bamboo shoots and tastes absolutely delicious. Also, the umorok or the king chilies form the basis of almost all vegetarian and non-vegetarian preparations in Manipur. The traditional food of Manipur may appear simple, but the flavors are unmistakably complex and tasty. There is plenty to eat and enjoy in Manipur. And your next visit to Manipur should be for food and all things of gastronomical proportions. 

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Manipuri cuisine

Manipur is one of the eight northeastern states of India also called as ‘the jewel city’. It is famous for so many things in India and one of them is the delicious culinary delights of Manipur. Manipuri cuisine predominantly consists of food eaten by the Meitei’s community which forms the majority of population of Manipur.

The staple food of Manipur is rice like other northeastern states of India and the side dishes of vegetables, meat and fish. Daily Manipurfood would have rice with a gravy based vegetable called ensaang, a dish of stir-fried vegetables called kanghou along with a hot spicy relish like chili paste morok metpa or boiled mashed potato with chilly and fermented fish called iromba. The essence of Manipurfood is the yummy fermented local fish called ngari, it is used to mainly for flavoring relishes and side dishes. A typical Manipuri thali consists of white rice, vegetable fry, meat gravy, chili paste or achar, dal and some other side dishes like papad, yogurt etc. In the Manipurfood raw turmeric, green garlic, onions, ginger garlic are used with mustard oil as cooking base.

A special food of Manipur bora is prepared by sun drying of lentil paste and is used to make curries. Food of Manipur consists of one or the other item of fish dish either as ngaari, roasted or fried. These fishes are sourced from freshwater bodies in Manipur.

Different ethnic groups and communities in Manipur have many unique food items to be placed on the table. The Tangkhul community has more emphasis on organic ingredients in their food. The locals of Manipur eat many organic wild edibles and these items are something everybody must try. Apart from fish Manipuri eat a lot of pork and chicken and also uses Manipuri Naga King Chilly in most of their dishes.

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The best of Manipur tourist places

Manipur in northeast India is also known as the jeweled town and it rightly justifies the picturesque land. Surrounded by nine hills and the presence of an oval-shaped valley at the centre, it really does look like jewelry. The lush greenery, wide array of flora, the colors of the sky, and the festivals of this state add on to the beauty of the land. Manipur is an ever blooming tourist destination in northeast India.

Manipur tourist places are bestowed with nature’s bounty, and there are myriad of options to choose from when it comes to sightseeing and exploring these places. Nestled in the laps of Himalayas the nature also has showered Manipur with numerous important water bodies, which also make some popular tourist destinations. The capital city of Manipur-Imphal one of the less explored places and has some untouched charm that surrounds the landscapes, natural beauty and sceneries of the state. Some of the popular places you can visit in Imphal are the Manipur State Museum, Loktal Lake and Sendra Island, Kangla Fort, Langthabal, Shri Govindjee Temple, and war cemeteries. Not very far from the capital is Ukhrul. It is rich for its scenic splendor; the fresh air, greenery, and natural beauty make a pleasant atmosphere that travelers often love to meditate. Another place to visit is Andro. It is a small village near Imphal. Andro is famous for pottery craftsmanship, and the art of the locals always attract attention of the tourists. Tamenglong is also known as the Land of Hornbill and is one of the naturally rich stunning places to visit. Other major Manipur tourist places to visit are Chandel, Thoubal and Khongjom.

Manipur offers varied tourist places fit for every kind of tourist. Visiting Manipur is no less than feasting one’s soul in the astounding landscapes, flaunting the beauty of hilltops and foothills in all their glory.

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Manipur tourist places

Manipur is the ‘land of jewel’, one of the seven sisters and a popular tourist attraction in northeast India. It has rich and long history and being on the cross road between south East Asia and rest of the country it has much to offer to tourist visiting the state. Manipur has natural, cultural as well historical places to visit.

The green rolling hills and valleys, waterfalls, natural caves and international borders magnetizes travelers to travel to Manipur. The capital city of Manipur Imphal is the gateway to Manipur tourist places since it is the only place with an airport. Some of the main tourist places of Imphal are Kanlgla fort, Shree Govindajee Temple, Manipur State Museum and the Ima Market, Mapal Kangjeibung, Red hill, Manipur Zoological Gardens, World War –II cemeteries etc.  An hour and half drive from Imphal is the largest fresh water lake in Manipur, the Loktak Lake, which is world famous for its floating islands.

Ukhrul is the most popular hill destination in Manipur for tourist which is about 3 hours drive from Imphal. It is famous for Manipur’s Kachai Lemon and because of its uniqueness this lemon has been accorded geographical indication registration. Manipur also has beautiful natural waterfalls and the Sadu Chiru waterfall is one of them. Other waterfalls in Manipur are Kanglatongbi Shantipur Waterfall, Khoupum Waterfall, Thangshi Waterfall, to name a few.

Manipur is an ideal place for spelunking, with number of caves found in the hill tracts. The caves of Manipur are also associated with the history of the place. The Thalon Cave with a length of around 910 metres is around 185 kilometres from the Manipur’s state capital. While the Khangkhui Cave is a natural limestones cave in Ukhrul district. With opening of trade at the border town of Moreh with Tamu in Myanmar, a day visit to this place in Manipur has become a must on every tourist visiting Manipur. Read full article at: