The weather trivia and temperature in imperial Imphal

Imphal the capital city of Manipur is one of the incredible places in northeast India that borders with Myanmar and was often referred to as the royal seat of Manipur up until British invasion. Located roughly at 2600 feet above sea level, the city experiences humid subtropical climate as dry winters and hot monsoons.

Imphal is famous for many things and some of them are the world’s oldest Polo ground and the Keibul Lamjao National Park, the only floating national park on earth. It also houses historical landmarks such as the Kangla fort, the Khongjom War Memorial etc. The average annual temperature in Imphal in Manipur is roughly about 21°C with the summer temperatures reaching 30 °C and the winters at 4 °C. The three main seasons here are summer, monsoon and winter.

The summer in Imphal ranges from April to June. The range of temperature varies between 160C to 350C. During this time, lai haroba and moatsu are the festivals celebrated in Manipur. Summer is one of the best times to visit Imphal. The period of July to September is regarded as the Monsoons in Imphal, with June-July being the wettest months. Strong winds often blow during this time and the temperatures vary between a low of 20°C to a high of 30°C. The average rainfall in Imphal is about 1500mm annually. Winter ranges from the month of November to February in Imphal and is really pleasant. The temperatures during this time of the year vary between a low of 4°C to a high of 24°C. During winter, the weather is inviting and is considered as one of the best times to visit Imphal. Prominent festivals and events of Manipur like hornbill, gaan-ngai, sekreny are held during this time of the year.

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