Enchanted Land: Best Time to Visit Nepal

The breathtaking country Nepal can be considered as the roof of the earth; guarded by gigantic Himalayas and the tallest mountain on earth, the Mt Everest. The best time to visit Nepal is either in spring or after monsoon in autumn or the start of winter depending on the places you want to go. But before booking your tickets check on the colorful festivals and events that take place in the country.

The spring in Nepal generally starts from March and lasts till May to the mid April. This time of the year is highly pleasant to travel to Nepal. The longer days and short nights, clear skies, pleasant and fresh aromatic air make it comfortable for travelers to travel to different parts of the country, visit and explore them.

The summer ranges from May to August. The days are warm and hot at this time of the year. The starting of summer is comfortable enough to travel, however as the months pass by the temperature can exceed 400 Celsius and in some places it can exceed 450 Celsius making it unsuitable for traveling. Hence it is not recommended to visit Nepal at this time of the year unless your motive is not to just travel but to be a part of few colorful Nepalese festivals.

The monsoon season occurs from June to August. It is not recommended to visit Nepal at this time since unpredictable rainfalls may sometimes result in small to big landslides and is also not really comfortable for you to travel in humid environment.

The autumn starts September with the end of monsoon days. It is one of the best times to visit and explore Nepal. Some of the vibrant and colorful Nepalese festivals take place at this time of the year. The clear skies with the elegant shades of blue and orange hue at dawn and the dusk are worth seeing.

Winter begins slowly in Nepal from October and many prefer visiting in winter too. The winter lasts up to February and these months are also the best times to visit Nepal. The temperature can drop as low as 20 Celsius and the maximum could be 180 Celsius. Autumn and the winter seasons are the best times to go for trekking however make sure to carry warm woolen clothes with you.

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