Food of Sikkim

It does not matter if you consider yourself a foodie or not, we all eat. And while you are in Sikkim, there is no way you an escape the delicious mouth-watering food that ranges from sweet and salty to spicy and sour. In fact, it is recommended to try everything rather than limiting your choices.

One of the most famous foods of Sikkim is momos. Believed to be a Tibetan delicacy and modulated by the Nepalese cuisine, momos are the lifeline of Sikkim. It is basically steamed dumplings with fillings and served with spicy chutney. Momos are something that no one can dare to miss in Sikkim. Another popular Sikkim’s dish is thukpa. Thukpa is a noodle soup made of mixed vegetables or meat and eggs and is of Tibetan origin. Sel roti is another one of the most loved and famous dish in Sikkim. It is made with rice flour, sugar, spices and fried in oil or ghee popularly served with aludam. Phaley is a dish you cannot miss in Sikkim. This wonderful dish is literally heaven on your taste buds. It is somehow similar to momos but bigger and not steamed but fried. Phagshapa is another food item loved by locals. It is a strip of pork fat which is stewed with dry chillies and radishes.

The people of Sikkim love dried foods fermented that can last for a long time like gundruk, sinki and kinema. These are made with mustard or radish leaves; bite sized chopped radish and soya beans respectively. Bamboo shoot is also a delicacy in Sikkim either prepared as curry or bottled pickles. The people eat wild ferns locally known as ningro. Churpi is the local word for cottage cheese and Churpi ningro curry is a delicacy in Sikkim. Other favorite foods of locals in Sikkim are kodo ko roti, ghorkhey chutney, nakima, wachipa, khapsey, gya kho and thenthuk.

The staple food of Sikkim is rice and dal bhaat is the local name they use for it. Dal is cooked lentils or pulses and bhaat is the local word for rice. It also consists of sabji which is a vegetable curry or fry, achar and some other side dishes.

The food in Sikkim has all the flavors you can think of, and you will definitely love everything here. These are just some of the finger-licking, highly moreish food found in Sikkim.

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