Snowfall in Sikkim

Sikkim is the crown of India pure and precious untouched by destructions of mankind. Sikkim is one of the top destinations to visit to witness snowfall. I was born in a tiny village called Lachung in North Sikkim and have spent most of my childhood playing and dancing around a snowman.  The precious snowfall in Sikkim rejuvenates me and acknowledges me with utmost peace and happiness.

When I was a child, I and my sister learnt something really interesting. When it starts snowing you can stand still under a roof and watch the snowflakes slowly fall to the ground. If you stand very still and observe the snow falling, you will feel as if you are flying in between those tiny flakes of snow. Another thing I liked a lot when I was a kid during snowfall in Sikkim at my home was to collect a mug full of clean snow and take it to my mother. My mother would add some sugar syrup and milk to my mug of snow and I would suck on it. It was an instant ice cream for me. If you try this be sure never to eat the first snow of winter since it settles down with all the dirt and impurities of wind. My grandmother had an interesting theory about it. She talked about wild winds blowing dusts and impurities out of nature’s body before snowfall and told us that it was a way of nature cleaning itself. After the wild wind when snowfall occurred she told us that was to trap all those dust particles and impurities and was nature’s own mechanism of cleaning her lands. She firmly believed that it was the reason that after each winter’s snowfall, lands looks green and fresh and clean river starts flowing again, trees and flowers start blooming.

One of the most relaxing things to do during snowfall is to sip a warm cup of tea and witness snowflakes struggling to settle on the ground. You can enjoy the snow and play with children enjoying snowball games. Ironically your hands might get cold and shivery but your heart will be filled with joy, happiness and warmth. I felt the same when my 2-year-old niece saw snowfall for the first time. I suggest you get out of your shell and experience some chilling snowfall in Sikkim I know you will love it.

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