12 foods you have to try in Sikkim

The people of Sikkim enjoy using a variety of local ingredients to make their special foods. Tourists in Sikkim have ample opportunity to taste all sorts of delicious cuisines. If you are able to score a home-cooked meal from a homestay or a local friend, don’t miss out!

Here are 12 foods of Sikkim you have to try!

Momo: It is a dumpling filled with vegetables or meat. Momos can now be found all over India, but you will only get an authentic tasty plate in Sikkim.

Taipo: It is similar to momo, but the dough has active yeast that helps it rise and become fluffy and delicious.

Thukpa: Thukpa is local fresh noodle soup, with vegetables, cilantro, ginger, garlic, and soy sauce.

Fox Bread (Shael Roti): It is made from beaten rice, spices, sugar, and ghee twisted by hand and deep-fried. It looks like donuts and is super delicious.

Fried and Filled Tibetan Bread (Phale): It’s a fried pastry filled with vegetables or meat the size of which is about the length of your hand so in and of itself it is a full meal!

Buckwheat or Millet Pancake (Phapar/ Kodo ko Roti): It is basically a pancake, a staple that is routinely made in homes across the state, served with spicy chutney.

Millet Beer (Tongba/ Chang): This local drink is rated between a wine and a beer. Served in a bamboo cup with a bamboo straw it is also important for religious ceremonies and social gatherings.

Cherry Chilly Chutney (Dale Korsani Achaar): It is eaten with meals by adding a dollop to the side of the rice. Often the chutney is made of chilly, fresh ginger, garlic, and roasted tomato.

Fermented SoyBean (Kinema): It is a local food served as side dish and has a pungent smell.

Preserved Mustard Leaf (Gundruk): This fermented mustard leaves made into a broth or chutney is a must try.

Stinging Nettle Soup (Sisnu ko jhol): It is grown during monsoon, high in vitamin B and C cooked into a soup and served with rice.

Fiddlehead Fern Curry (Ningro ko sabji): Ferns grow abundantly during monsoon and the locals like to cook this food like any other vegetable curry or add cottage cheese to make it more delicious.

People remark on how healthy and energetic they feel after eating the local food of Sikkim during their travels. Here’s to eating your heart out in the wonderful state of Sikkim!

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