National parks of Sikkim

Sikkim is a national treasure blessed with wide variety of wildlife and biodiversity. The national park and sanctuaries in Sikkim boast of exotic flora and fauna plus endangered animal and plant species. Along with being an abode for myriad beings, these sanctuaries and wildlife parks are popular tourist.

These parks enable us to witness the wonders of wildlife without disturbing the sanctity of it. Khangchendzonga National Park of Sikkim is a UNESCO world heritage site protecting animals from poaching, vegetation and deforestation. In 2016, it became the world’s first “Mixed Heritage” site. National parks border the fine line between the human world and forest life, which makes exploring them extremely exciting.

There are few things you can do in national parks of Sikkim that will keep you entertained throughout the trip like trekking, sightseeing, exploring ancient religions, safari, camping and more. Blooming amidst the high-rise peaks of the Himalayas, Khangchendzonga National Park offers the best trekking opportunities and witness amazing sights at Goecha La peak, Mount Pandim, and the Rathong Glacier. If you are looking for adventure, you must go for trekking on the rocky terrains and slippery glaciers of these mountains. This park is dotted with lush meadows, sparkling springs, and green lakes that are a feast to the eyes. Hence sightseeing is something you cannot escape here. The park also functions as a sanctum sanctorum for the Buddhists and manyany monasteries are situated inside the park that can be visited. You can also go for jungle safari at Khangchendzona National Park. Safaris are the safest and the least intrusive way of witnessing the wildlife world. Also camping is one of the most exciting activities during this trip. It gives you a mixed sense of natural thrill and modern comfort at the same time. It is both an adventurous and peaceful.

Apart from these activities you can indulge in bird watching. If you are a wildlife or bird enthusiast you will surely enjoy this experience. Many travelers also prefer going for picnics here. The vast spaces of the park coupled with the cool atmosphere of Sikkim make it the perfect spot for picnics and excursions. While you enjoy your trip to this park, you will realize that it is the perfect place for photography. The mesmerizing snow-capped mountain peaks, lush valleys, dense meadows, glacial lakes, hot springs and the natural beauty of the park does not seem to end.

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