Food in Bhutan: Must-try food dishes in Bhutanese cuisine

Bhutanese food has been influenced by India, China, and Tibet, but the local food still remains unique.  The most distinctive characteristic of Bhutanese food is its spiciness, with chillies being an essential part of nearly every food item. 

You will get a lot of options to choose from the Bhutanese cuisine. Some of the foods you need to definitely try on your next trip to the mountain kingdom are the delicious ema datshi a stew made with chillies and cheese, shamu datshi stew made with cheese and mushrooms, kewa datshi stew of cheese and potatoes,  gondo datshi etc. Bhutanese love their locally produced cheese and many dishes are made by using them. Apart from these popular foods in Bhutan do try the mouth watering gondo datshi also called as butter egg fry. This food in Bhutan is best eaten with Himalayan red rice. Shakam ema datshi is a non-vegetarian version of datshi made with dried beef. If you are a beef lover and always ready for challenges, this food in Bhutan is a must try dish for you since the beef is really spicy. An interesting food to try out is the unique flavoured shakam shukam datshi. It is also made with dried beef cooked with cheese and chillies. However what makes it different is the unique flavour imparted from the presence of Bhutanese dried white chillies that are used in place of the regular local chillies. Yaksha shakam, red rice grown in the fertile soil of Bhutan, jasha marro and paksha paa a famous pork dish are some of the many popular and delicious foods of Bhutan you must try. No one really wants to waste the leftover food and the Bhutanese have come up with a great idea of making a dish called zow shungo made of leftover vegetables and red rice, a quick ready meal in itself.

The jaju soup, jasha tshoem, khur-le, puta, khatem etc are just some of the authentic Bhutanese dishes that are served all over Bhutan. Bhutan is country of combination of everything beautiful and precious. The Bhutanese cuisine is no less. Visiting places, exploring them and having to get to feast with all these delicious dishes, is a dream for many.

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