The best of Manipur tourist places

Manipur in northeast India is also known as the jeweled town and it rightly justifies the picturesque land. Surrounded by nine hills and the presence of an oval-shaped valley at the centre, it really does look like jewelry. The lush greenery, wide array of flora, the colors of the sky, and the festivals of this state add on to the beauty of the land. Manipur is an ever blooming tourist destination in northeast India.

Manipur tourist places are bestowed with nature’s bounty, and there are myriad of options to choose from when it comes to sightseeing and exploring these places. Nestled in the laps of Himalayas the nature also has showered Manipur with numerous important water bodies, which also make some popular tourist destinations. The capital city of Manipur-Imphal one of the less explored places and has some untouched charm that surrounds the landscapes, natural beauty and sceneries of the state. Some of the popular places you can visit in Imphal are the Manipur State Museum, Loktal Lake and Sendra Island, Kangla Fort, Langthabal, Shri Govindjee Temple, and war cemeteries. Not very far from the capital is Ukhrul. It is rich for its scenic splendor; the fresh air, greenery, and natural beauty make a pleasant atmosphere that travelers often love to meditate. Another place to visit is Andro. It is a small village near Imphal. Andro is famous for pottery craftsmanship, and the art of the locals always attract attention of the tourists. Tamenglong is also known as the Land of Hornbill and is one of the naturally rich stunning places to visit. Other major Manipur tourist places to visit are Chandel, Thoubal and Khongjom.

Manipur offers varied tourist places fit for every kind of tourist. Visiting Manipur is no less than feasting one’s soul in the astounding landscapes, flaunting the beauty of hilltops and foothills in all their glory.

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