I have always idolized North Sikkim, and a bike trip to north Sikkim has always been on my bucket list. Luckily, my long-due box got checked this March, and the wait was worth it! 

A place that has made its name for resembling the Swiss landscape, North Sikkim is adored by bikers for its winding roads and changing landscape. There isn’t a better time to visit North Sikkim than March and April when fresh fluffy snow carpets the valleys and red rhododendrons stand strikingly against the white slate of snow.

And so, on a bright morning in mid-March, my friends and I revved up our engines and embarked on a 3-day journey to North Sikkim from Gangtok in East Sikkim.

We left at 11 in the morning with a plan to enjoy the sunset from Lachen, one of North Sikkim’s pretty hamlets. However, little did we know the route from Gangtok to Lachen is flooded with picturesque waterfalls and viewpoints that compel you to stop and gaze in awe. Dozens of pit stops and two checkpoints later, we finally reached Lachen past dusk. Read more...


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