Nepal has a rich cultural and natural heritage which is highly desired by many travelers throughout the year. The best season for visiting Nepal will be in springtime. There are also a lot of trekking trails in Nepal, which makes it an ideal destination for trekkers as well. During spring these trails in Nepal offer beautiful views of blooming rhododendron and other beautiful flowers throughout the trekking route.

Nepal– The land of beautiful Himalaya has hundreds of trekking to the mountain base camps and day hikes. Trekking and hiking are the best activities that you can opt for while in NepalNepal witnesses Thousands of visitors every year for hiking and trekking activities. 

Even after the 2015 earthquake, Nepal remains the cultural powerhouse of the Himalaya, with an unrivaled collection of world-class palaces, hidden backstreet shrines, and sublime temple art. An enthralling experience to be with nature! Undoubtedly, Nepal is the world’s most alluring country to try some adventure activities. Read more…


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