Incredible places to visit in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh is the north easternmost state of the country, also known as the ‘land of dawn-lit mountains’. One of the interesting places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh is the stunning Pasighat.

Pasighat, also known as the ‘gateway of Arunachal Pradesh’ is the home to the mighty Siang and indigenous hanging bridges. Pasighat offers adventurous activities like river rafting, angling and boating. It is an interesting blend of natural peace and adventures; which is why this combination also makes it a photographer’s heaven.

Some of the popular places in Pasighat are the Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary, Pangin, Bodak Scenic Area, Kekar Monying, Komsing etc. Daying Ering Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 190 sq kilometers with alluvial grasslands, wooded places and water. It takes a cruise to visit the sanctuary through Siang River and offers a unique ecosystem with varieties of plant and animals and birds species. Pangin is a small town, 60 kilometers from Pasighat and is connected by road. The tourists love to visit Pangin to witness the meeting of two beautiful rivers in the state – River Siyom and River Siang.

Bodak Scenic Area is also a popular place in Pasighta famous for picnic spots and attracts not only the locals but also the people from neighboring states. This place also consists of agricultural lands and offer ideal sightseeing and activities like angling which is similar to fishing. Another place to visit in Pasighat is Kekar Monying – a mountain cliff near Rottung in East Siang which is also an important historical place in Arunachal Pradesh. Komsing is also a significant historical site and is famous for trekking. Some of the other famous places to visit in Arunachal Pradesh at Pasighat are Komlighat -a great picnic spot, Pasighat Buddhist Temple, East Siang District and Gomsi – an important historic place.

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