Temperature in Darjeeling Today and round the year

Darjeeling the “Queen of Hills” is blessed with a sub tropical to temperate climate. The temperature in Darjeeling remains pleasant all year round but during summers, it becomes extra comfortable to travel and roam around.

The spring starts in March and ends in April. During this time, the weather becomes quite pleasant and the flora and fauna come alive. The temperatures during this season range from a low of 6°C to a high of 17°C. This is the best time to visit Darjeeling.

The summer season in Darjeeling ranges between May-July and the average temperature falls between 110C-240C with a few days touching 250C. There may be moderate showers sometimes even in summers. It is one of the best times to visit Darjeeling plus you will also get to witness some local festivals during this time.

Monsoon ranges between June-August and chances are every other day there will be moderate to heavy rainfall. Hence it is not advised to visit Darjeeling during monsoon. The temperatures remain below 200C during this time.

Autumn marks the change in weather as the temperature starts dropping down and this happens from mid-August. The temperatures start falling below 15°C at this time and can go down to a low of 5-6°C.

Winter in Darjeeling starts from December and lasts up to February. During olden days, snowfall would occur in Darjeeling in winter. However, due to the rise of temperature in Darjeeling today, there is no occurrence of snowfall. The usual temperature in the town ranges between a maximum of 10°C to a minimum of 2°C in Decembers and is lower in Jan-Feb. If there is heavy snowfall in the peaks, the temperatures in Darjeeling can very well fall to sub-zero.

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