Seasons in Darjeeling: temperature in Darjeeling today

Darjeeling the “Queen of Hills” is beautifully perched on top of the hills of Eastern Himalayas at a height of 7100 ft. Darjeeling is not just popular for its tea industry but also for its tourism. The famous Darjeeling Himlayan Railways is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that connects the main town with the plains. There are numerous mesmerizing places to visit in Darjeeling and people who travel to Darjeeling also visit Mirik, Sikkim and Kalimpong since these places are in close proximity.

The main seasons in Darjeeling are winter, summer and monsoon. The winter ranges between November and February where the minimum temperature drops down to 20 C and the maximum settles around 110 C. During olden days, Darjeeling witnessed and enjoyed snowfall however due to the rise of temperature in Darjeeling today; there is no occurrence of snowfall. If you happen to travel to Darjeeling during winter be prepared to feel the cold of the hills and carry warm woolen clothes with you.

The summer season starts in March and lasts up to May. During summer Darjeeling is extremely comfortable and the temperature becomes pleasant. Summer is the best time to visit Darjeeling after winter. The average maximum temperature during this season is 18°C while the minimum goes down to cool 8°C. This is the reason why the British East India Company settled the town of Darjeeling to escape the summer heat of Kolkata.

It is not recommended to visit Darjeeling during monsoon since the weather becomes unpredictable and there are chances of heavy rainfall most of the time. Monsoon season in Darjeeling starts from June and ends in September. The town gets moderate to heavy rainfall during monsoon and the average rainfall during this time is 2300 mm. Though this season is not advised to visit the place, but after the rainfall Darjeeling looks extra beautiful, clean and green.

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