Software for travel agent

With the rapid growth of travel industry and tourism, it is known that an average person travels at least once a year. Today the travelers already have some knowledge of the destinations that they travel to- thanks to the internet.

With variety of information and options, their expectations leap beyond the age old traditional methods used by the travel agents. Also due to digitalization, the traveler wants fast and easy yet reliable methods of communication when it comes to creating a travel plan. Every traveler has high expectation these days and if one travel agent fails to do their job well, the traveler goes to another. Digitalization is extremely important for all travel agents today.

So how do these agents move to the digital platform? A good software for travel agents can help do so. All that they need is reliable, user friendly plus budget friendly software to help them do their jobs well.

TourGenie Travel Management System is the best software that would help the travel agents to move to a digital platform that could be of a huge advantage to stand out from the rest in the travel industry. This software for travel agents is cloud based CRM software. It helps to – Create, Customize, Save and Share a travel itinerary. Through this software, travel agents can create and quickly customize an itinerary while in constant touch with their customers anytime and from anywhere. It is a SAAS – Software as a Service based. The UI of this Travel management Software/ System is extremely simple and prior knowledge on using a software of any kind is not needed.

Since it is SAAS based, it helps to reduce the cost involved in setting up hardware and maintenance. It also provides benefits like flexible payments, scalable usage, automatic updates and accessibility.

The CRM software provided by TourGenie has various plans. You can view the plans for this software as a service here by clicking here. This system will definitely help travel agents of all kinds.

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