Enchanted Shillong: The Best Time to visit Shillong

Having been lucky enough to trek amidst the gorgeous Himalayas couple of times, I have always wondered when I first fell in love with the mountains. It was amazing how I was not bored staring at quite rocks in the Himalayas and choosing to be in mountains rather than spending lavish and relaxing holidays in best hotels somewhere else.

I visited Shillong in the end of May. And I must say it is the best time to visit Shillong. It’s a perfect blend of dry and wet weather. The best time to visit Shillong is from October to mid-May. During this time there are no risks of heavy rainfall, landslides etc. From the mid of May starts monsoon season in Meghalaya and I don’t suggest visiting Shillong during these times but for people who love taking chances and are good enough to move around with just a rain coat it is the best time because the whole place turns into a fairy land. However, if I have to suggest the best time, it will definitely be end of May.

However, monsoons comes with its own drawback, like the visit to the famous living root bridges in Shillong can get really risky because of the growth of the mosses due to rains, so it is best to carry proper shoes while visiting these places. No matter which time of the year you visit Shillong, it is always beautiful and the rains do add magic to it. The heavenly smell of the wet earth, dark green surroundings with colorful blossoms, the painted blue sky with the sun and clouds playing hide and seek, and the red-cheeked kids clapping and playing in the puddles outside their houses adds to the overall experience of being in a hill station. But you must carry some essentials like comfortable shoes, raincoat, jacket, mosquito repellant etc while visiting these places in Shillong.

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