Best time to visit Meghalaya – A comprehensive guide

Meghalaya is a must-visit destination for every traveler who is on a quest for scenic beauty as well as adventure. Meghalaya, which means the abode of clouds, is a box of treasure in the northeast India.

The best time to enjoy a visit to Meghalaya is highly subjective. Meghalaya is the wettest state in general, but the weather varies throughout the year. In Meghalaya, the summer expands from mid-March to June and it’s the peak/best time to visit. Though the peak season, the rush is quite low as compared to other tourist destinations in India since Meghalaya is still well hidden and quite unexplored. During summer, temperature ranges between 120 C -300 C. Monsoon in Meghalaya roughly spans over July to October and in some cases, the rains often hit in the end of June. While some suggest not planning a trip to Meghalaya during monsoon due to heavy rainfall and chances of landslides but the locals say otherwise. The beauty of Meghalaya reaches its peak during monsoon. Everything looks so fresh, clean and clear after the rain. You might face some discomfort while traveling on the roads, but the hues of the sky, gigantic chunks of clouds ranging from grey to black with lush green meadows below them, and the sounds of the mighty waterfalls will come together to form a breathtaking landscapes and symphony, making your visit to Meghalaya a one-of-a-kind experience.

Autumn and winters in Meghalaya can be considered intertwined with each other, with autumn roughly spanning over end of October to the whole of November. Winter ranges between December-February in Meghalaya, with temperatures ranging between 150 C – 30 C. Some consider winter to be the best time to visit Meghalaya since you’d be treated to romantic misty mornings, cool breezes and pleasant cold nights. If you want to go for trekking or hiking then winter is the best time to plan your trip to Meghalaya.  

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