Choosing the Right Travel Agent in Sikkim

How to choose the right travel agent to make the most of your trip in Sikkim? To know the best travel agent, you need to understand that these travel companies and agents have been divided into some categories.

‘The Done it all’ are the travel agents that are old timers and are well established who do not do too much of customization. ‘The Followers’ are the agents who follow in the footsteps of the ‘Done it all’ and are more of a fleet management company than a travel company. Both of them are great for large groups of travelers. ‘The Doers’ are the travel agents who offer a full range of services from vehicle, packages, hotels etc. ‘Doers’ are great for small groups. Then comes ‘The Young Guns’ they give ultra-customized tours as per customer’s requirement.

There are 500 plus travel agents in Sikkim. There are no absolute rules to choose great travel agents and it is more often than usual that they offer similar services. When it comes to choosing travel agents, there is always a nagging doubt of whether the travel company hired is legit or not. So I say you refer to the tips here in choosing a good partner for your travel adventures.

A genuine travel agency is always registered so check their affiliations. Check for feedback and search for reviews online about the services offered by travel agents. It is always better to go for travel agents that focus and specialize on a particular type of travel package however if you go for a generalist travel agency, make sure they have good knowledge about what you are looking for. Look for companies and agents that can provide you services 24 hours seven days a week. Some travelers are really concerned about the customer service, companies provide. This may be subjective to individual interactions, but generally it refers to pre and post booking support and engagement on part of travel agents you are interacting with. Always go with your gut feeling. Lowest price does not always mean the best deal. Look for you comfort level with the agents you are interacting with.

Make the most of your trip to Sikkim, the Hidden Valley of Rice. And we hope that you choose from the best travel agents available in Sikkim and have a wonderful trip.

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