What makes a Good Travel Agency Software

Regardless of whether you want to be an independent travel consultant or start your own big travel company or a small travel startup, it’s simply easier than ever to sell your products and services worldwide. If you are going to run your own travel agency, you need to have good travel agency software to meet the needs of your travel business.

Travel management software, can help you automate redundant and time-consuming steps to achieve better outcomes for the company.  Useful software for travel agent should be a solution to all challenges faced by travel agents like controlling misplacement of enquiries taken manually, tracking of ongoing queries and keeping customer data at their fingertips. It is also a single, one-stop source for planning, booking, and itinerary management. Customizing itineraries becomes a breeze and handling customer interactions becomes a piece of cake with good software for travel agent.  Since the travel industry is seasonal, the longevity of an employee can also be short and often seasonal in nature too. To hire new employees every season and train them takes a lot of effort and money too. Plus the ill-health of employees at times can create gaps. But useful travel agent software can keep the history of all customer interactions; no training is needed and knows exactly what it should do. Hence it saves lot of money and time plus makes the business independent.

The big travel companies use travel management software but many small and mid-size companies still rely on old way of working. A successful travel solution is vital for any travel agency’s future. Investing in travel management software can improve your entire travel experience, functionally and financially that serves both travelers and travel agents well.

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Maintaining accounting for travel agents

Accounting means the classification, recording and summarizing information to determine the financial strength and weakness of an agency or any business. Accounting is a major factor in a business that is designed to communicate, record, and pass the correct information to the internal as well as external users and is also recognized as an information system.

It is no doubt an important area in a travel agency business that profitably demands all accurate information, recordings, and preparations of its financial statements. Accounting for travel agents helps in determining the correct and fair status of the travel agency business and also helps in making strategic plans and decisions. If you run a business or are thinking of running a travel agency soon, you must be preparing for some kind of investments to make for your business. It is really important to keep record of every penny you use for starting or running your business to calculate the amount you have spent and the profit you had from it. The basic objective of accounting is to get the information of profit and finance position of your business. To achieve this objective you are required to prepare and keep journals and some statements that include maintaining sales journal, accounting record of cash receipt, account receivable, keeping record of cash disbursement for accounting, the ledger or the chief book of accounting for travel agents. There are certain objectives of travel ledger like the identification of revenue sources of travel agency, determination of total sales, total commission earned, finding total amount owned to travel ledger and evaluation of performances of all travel agencies recognized by travel ledger.

These must also include some other journals like the pay roll journal, where all the records of salaries and other benefits relating to finance are maintained by a travel agency. Also, going digital helps a lot in data collecting, calculation, and safety; hence online travel management software is the answer.

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Tour Operator Woes: Why use a Software

Any tour operation generally runs on three main phases, Planning, Communicating and Delivering. Delivering is easy to understand but tour operators often have to struggle with planning and communicating. If you are into travel business and you do not use software for tour operator perhaps you are the only one who does that among your direct competitors!

Using software for tour operators really helps the business to run properly and efficiently without much manual work and keeps record of everything. Planning involves product, placement and presentation, here in travel business this translates into itinerary and travel themes. A good itinerary when presented the right way makes a good first impression and travel management software helps to create professional looking itineraries that work like breeze, creates itineraries from scratch and customize. It saves time and frees you up to plan more. As soon as someone enquires the timer for communication begins and every customer would want to get fast replies, they would want to be updated about the status of travel, 24/7 service and more. Travel management software helps to reach out to customers and follow-up with clients on time. The ultimate ease in a touroperator’s daily work is to be able to connect, communicate and deliver their services from anywhere and at anytime.

The CRM software developed by TourGenie is easy to use, helps you track all your query related customer information from one place and also helps creating and sharing professional looking itineraries with travelers on the go from anywhere and at anytime. You can know more about the plans for this SAAS (software as a service) by clicking here. Say hello to faster and more professional itineraries, systematic organization of data to help conduct smooth operations and deliver service that is making customers happy for all our client tour operators. Read full article at: https://www.tourgenie.com/travel-diaries/travel-blogs/tour-operator-woes-why-use-a-software

Choosing the Right Travel Agent in Sikkim

How to choose the right travel agent to make the most of your trip in Sikkim? To know the best travel agent, you need to understand that these travel companies and agents have been divided into some categories.

‘The Done it all’ are the travel agents that are old timers and are well established who do not do too much of customization. ‘The Followers’ are the agents who follow in the footsteps of the ‘Done it all’ and are more of a fleet management company than a travel company. Both of them are great for large groups of travelers. ‘The Doers’ are the travel agents who offer a full range of services from vehicle, packages, hotels etc. ‘Doers’ are great for small groups. Then comes ‘The Young Guns’ they give ultra-customized tours as per customer’s requirement.

There are 500 plus travel agents in Sikkim. There are no absolute rules to choose great travel agents and it is more often than usual that they offer similar services. When it comes to choosing travel agents, there is always a nagging doubt of whether the travel company hired is legit or not. So I say you refer to the tips here in choosing a good partner for your travel adventures.

A genuine travel agency is always registered so check their affiliations. Check for feedback and search for reviews online about the services offered by travel agents. It is always better to go for travel agents that focus and specialize on a particular type of travel package however if you go for a generalist travel agency, make sure they have good knowledge about what you are looking for. Look for companies and agents that can provide you services 24 hours seven days a week. Some travelers are really concerned about the customer service, companies provide. This may be subjective to individual interactions, but generally it refers to pre and post booking support and engagement on part of travel agents you are interacting with. Always go with your gut feeling. Lowest price does not always mean the best deal. Look for you comfort level with the agents you are interacting with.

Make the most of your trip to Sikkim, the Hidden Valley of Rice. And we hope that you choose from the best travel agents available in Sikkim and have a wonderful trip.

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Travel agents in Sikkim who help you go nomad!

Sikkim is the least populated state in India, a plethora of stunning sights with picturesque views, scenic beauty, pleasant weather, and other charms. And if you are deciding to quench your thirst of traveling to one of the best tourist destinations in the country, do not have to worry about your journey at all. There are many travel agents in Sikkim who will guide you, take care of you, and make sure that your trip turns out to be the best.

The travel agents in Sikkim will take care of your transportation, food, and lodging. They offer advice on trip itineraries and make travel arrangements for the clients.  You can make a list of things you want to do in Sikkim, places you want to travel to, and talk to your agent about them. They will look at them and plan your trip accordingly. Travel agents sometimes provide guides on demand to ensure a more immersive tour for the travelers.

There are some seasons of the year in Sikkim when the state is flooded by travelers, and these seasons are locally called as tourist seasons. While traveling in the peak season it is recommended to register with any of the genuine travel agents in Sikkim so that you may not face problems with transportation, planning trips, and booking hotels. If you do not wish to be associated with any agents with regards to buying tour packages, they you can approach them for pick and drop or any kind of transportation or lodging matters.

It does not matter if you are traveling to Sikkim for a laid back break, seeking for an adventurous journey or taking in the extravaganza of nature’s beauty, this state will not disappoint you. Thanks to travel agents for playing their parts in making holidays easy and memorable for travelers. So aren’t you excited for spending your holidays in Sikkim? You can check for the best holiday packages in your budget with your duration of stay. If you see that the already made packages are not for you, you may talk to travel agents and they will customize packages for you. TourGenie is a trusted Sikkim-based travel company that provides different kinds of tours within the Northeast region as well as Bhutan and Nepal. They offer the best customized packages that promise comfort and safety. Going by the positive reviews, we suggest you give them a try.

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