Paradise found: the best time to visit Sikkim

There are countless reasons why you should visit this beautiful state in Northeast India. Sikkim can be visited any time of the year, but tourists usually prefer visiting in certain months of the year. Some prefer visiting in winter to beat the unpleasant heat of the plains and to enjoy snowfall while some prefer visiting Sikkim in spring and summer to see the nature bloom, hills live and rivers gushing with glacial melted snow.

The summer in Sikkim starts at around April and lasts up to May. Sikkim is flooded with tourists at this time. The temperature varies from 50 Celsius to 250 Celsius – 280 Celsius but it is not always warm and hot in summer in Sikkim. Sometimes the temperature can fall low even in summers. So it is advised to carry at most a pair of warm clothes however it will not be cold all the time. Summers are mostly warm in Sikkim. People, who cannot cope with cold winters, this season is the best time for you to visit Sikkim. You will not be able to find snow at this time of the year but your trip will be astonishing.

The winter lasts from October till March where the temperature may vary from 70 Celsius to –50 Celsius. During winter, the North and parts of East and West districts are covered with snow as if a white blanket has been draped over them. It gets chilly in winter and you must to carry woolen clothes and warm shoes. You can go for hiking, trekking, and camping and get that adrenaline rush. Sikkim in winter is a wonderland. This time of the year is also considered as one of the best times to visit Sikkim.

Both these seasons in Sikkim are also called as the tourist seasons by the locals. One of the best times to visit Sikkim can be during festivals as well. During spring, a ‘Flower Exhibition Show’, in winter ‘The Red Panda Winter Carnival Festival’, and ‘The Cherry Tea Festival’ is held in November. But during monsoon Sikkim sometime experiences heavy rain showers with thunderstorms, though it makes Sikkim look more beautiful with the smell of fresh soil and clean environment but if you do not want to be cautious while spending your holidays you may avoid visiting this state in monsoon.

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