Gurudongmar Lake

Atop the beautiful Himalayan range, covered on side by the mountains, lie the pulchritudinous Gurudongmar Lake at a whooping altitude of 17800 feet. The Gurudongmar Lake has a unique shape of a footprint when viewed from an aerial perspective and is one of the highest lakes in the world. It is not very far away from the lake is the Indo-China border due to which visiting this lake requires special permit from the government of Sikkim. Though the area is extremely cold and lack of oxygen can be felt, the beauty of the lake makes up for all cons.

 This beautiful lake is believed to be sacred and a religious site and the water of this lake are believed to possess mystical healing powers granting children to issueless couples. Folklore has it that Guru Padmasambhava, founder of Tibetan Buddhism on his way to Tibet had visited the lake centuries ago. The area was so cold that the lake froze throughout the year. When natives pleaded to the guru and prayed how they did not have access to drinking water because of lake froze, it is said that the guru touched a part of the lake and that portion of the lake unfroze. To this day a portion of this scared lake does not freeze and it has become a source of drinking water for the locals living there. The banks of the Gurudongmar Lake also host a monastery for Guru Padmasambhava visited to pray by the natives, army officers and travelers.

The way to this lake is a beautiful long route in close proximity to Himalayan Mountains. The landscape resembles that of the Tibetan plateau and has a very similar flora and fauna. The road to Gurudongmar Lake might be a rough beauty, but the view of the lake will make you forget all the bumps you had along the way.

While visiting the lake a night’s stop is required in the small village of Lachen where the uses of plastic products are completely banned and hence you are required to follow this practice as well. You may also stop at some places while returning from the lake. One of the beautiful places of attractions is the famous hot springs of Yumthang valley.  This hot spring is also believed to possess medicinal properties. There are other several places of attractions you can visit during your return.

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