When in Bhutan places to visit for the soul seeker

Bhutan radiates a certain blissful aura that is highly appealing to the soul-searcher. From Bhutan’s serene landscapes and calm people to monumental Buddha statues and stately monasteries, the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan is quickly picking up as a popular tourist destination for cultural as well as pilgrimage travelers.

Bhutan has many monasteries and your visit to Bhutan will not be complete without it. It is one of the places in Bhutan that mesmerizes you with the architectural marvel and brings peace to your soul. Monasteries in Bhutan also serve various social purposes such as providing homes to children who are either orphaned or unable to be support by their parents. Some of the worth visiting monasteries in Bhutan are the Chagri Dorjeden Monastery aka Cheri Monastery at the northern end of the Thimphu Valley, the Chimi Lhakhang in Punakha District, Lhodrakarchu Monastery, Paro Taktsang also identified as the Taktsang Palphug Monastery and the Tiger’s Nest located in the cliffside of the higher Paro valley, it is the most famous tourist place in Bhutan. Phajoding Monastery, Tango Monastery, Yongla Monastery, Kurjey Lhakang and Oesel Choeling Monastery are also popular Bhutan places to visit.

Some other places to visit in Bhutan are the splendid Phobjikha Valley, a vast U-shaped glacial valley in the central part of Bhutan and the beautiful Paro Valley encapsulating within itself a rich culture, scenic beauty and hundreds of myths and legends. The best time to visit any of the places in Bhutan is during summer and winter in the months of March to May and September to December. If you want to be in Bhutan particularly for visiting these amazing monasteries, the best time to visit most of these monasteries is all-year round.  Bhutan is a country blessed with rich culture, heritage and spectacular landscapes, lush green valleys, gigantic mountains, dense forests, clean & fresh water bodies, delicious cuisine and warm people. If you are seeking for tranquility and a form of awakening visit these places in Bhutan and be stunned by what it has to offer.

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