Where is Bhutan and Discovering Thimphu: The Land of Happiness

Where is Bhutan you ask? Bhutan is comfortably tucked in the Himalayan range of South Asia between India, and China. Thimphu, the capital city of Bhutan, is a place to experience royal life as well as the developing sections of Bhutan. This bustling little city, situated in the western central of Bhutan, is the main centre of commerce, religion, and government in Bhutan.

An interesting feature of this place is that the city does not have traffic lights. Instead, policemen on small pavilions can be seen directing traffic. The roads are usually empty, but it’s opposite during the ‘peak hours’. Among the different main cities of Bhutan, Thimphu offers a perfect juxtaposition of old world charm and the hustle bustle of a new commercial exuberance.

You could spend some time in the Memorial Chorten, a stupa built in 1974 in the memory of Bhutan’s third king, His Late Majesty Dorji Wangchuk, who is also regarded as the Father of modern Bhutan. Also, take time to explore the National Library where you can find ancient manuscripts. You will be surprised to witness the level of cleanliness inside the Traditional Medicinal Institute complex. The Bhutanese distinct art form is now portrayed in different textiles at the National Textile museum under the patronage of Her Majesty the Queen Ashi Sangay Chiden. You can get an idea about the different Bhutanese patterns and weaves that have been famous since ages in Bhutan. Another famous place to visit in Thimphu is Tashichho Dzong or the ‘fortress of the glorious religion’ originally built in 1614.

Thimphu is a land of happiness and many festivals are celebrated here. Make sure to be present at Thimphu during one of these festivals to experience the joy and colors of the country. The place will not just stun you with the vibrant and colorful festivals but also with mouth watering and delicious cuisine. The most distinctive characteristic of the Bhutanese cuisine is the spiciness. Bhutanese do not enjoy their meal if it’s not spicy.

Explore this quaint yet colourful valley of Thimphu in Bhutan. Come to Bhutan to celebrate, eat, pray, and create memories to cherish for a lifetime!

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