Tour Genie’s travel management system

The work of a travel agent or a tour operator is both exciting as well as demanding. We at TourGenie understand the pain points in running operations and have created an easy yet effective solution that can ease the everyday operations of a tour operator.

Introducing the TourGenie Travel Management System

The TourGenie Travel Management System is a cost-effective management tool that aims to resolve crucial operational difficulties: from saving every enquiry that comes through to diligently keeping track of bookings at every stage, and finally getting them confirmed.

Benefits of Travel Management System

  1. Easily create and customize itineraries.
  2. Easily track ongoing and upcoming bookings.
  3. Seamlessly communicate with customers through the inbuilt messaging feature.
  4. TourGenie Travel Management System can be accessed from anywhere with the use of a smart device be it a mobile, desktop, laptop, or tablet.
  5. You don’t have to worry about your data getting lost because all your data (information) is safely stored on a cloud server, which means you will never lose data even when your computer or phone crashes.

The TourGenie Travel Management System is also the best entrant this year in the Northeast India, Bhutan, and Nepal market for travel agents.

TourGenie offers an extra benefit for the North East India, Nepal, and Bhutan users, wherein they can market their packages on TourGenie’s website. The site gets over 4000 views per day, which ensures maximum exposure for the packages and the assurance of receiving genuine enquiries. The best part is we will constantly market every package online for absolutely zero cost. 

The TourGenie Travel Management System is suitable for any size company, big or small, and can be used by any travel agent around the world. 

“Simplify Travel” with a yearly subscription to the TourGenie Travel Management System.


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