Dare to go offbeat in Sikkim

Visiting a popular tourist destination means taking a round of the usual attractions. Ever thought of visiting offbeat places instead that will push you out of your comfort zone?  If yes, then we think Sikkim will be a cool destination for you to make a start. Read on to find a doable itinerary that will take you to some cool offbeat places in Sikkim. 

Azing Lepcha’s farm in Rinchenpong

This tour will take you from Gangtok in East Sikkim, through the tea plantations of South Sikkim, and finally onto West Sikkim where you will find a totally different rhythm of life.

On day 1, start early from Gangtok towards Temi Tarku. Enjoy a stunning view of the tea gardens while having lunch at Temi Tarku Tea Point or book one of the many homestays that fall along the way for a day and have the most relaxing offbeat experience. These homestays are run by down-to-earth people with beautiful properties comprising vegetable gardens, fruit trees, livestock, and traditional kitchens; you are free to try your hand at gardening and use the traditional kitchen to cook up a meal. A bonus is the permanent views of the distant hills and mountains. 

Temi Tarku

Next, drive onto Namchi. Make a stop at the gold-colored Sai Baba Mandir. It will most probably be early evening, so you can catch the temple radiating with a golden hue.  Move on to see the Namchi helipad and chill under the starry sky. Halt at Jorethang for the night.

Day 2, drive to the offbeat places of Okhrey and Bhareng in West Sikkim. Stay in a traditional homestay, revel in nature, and stay off the grid for a while for a mental detox.

Next day, drive to Hilley and check into the offbeat Mushroom Homestay, a few feet away from the Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary. Go for a hike or simply explore the surroundings while sipping on some Rhododendron or wild strawberry wine available from the Red Panda Homestay located just beside the sanctuary’s entrance.

Mushroom Homestay

Head to Sreebadam for a lesson on rainbow trout framing or for meditation and healing; it’s worthwhile to spend an entire day here. Stay at Dawzong Homestay. This offbeat property reflects a rural setting replete with a cow shed, wood shed, a traditional smoking oven for cardamoms, and plantations all encircling the owner’s 300-year-old house, which stands in the center of the property.

Dawzong Homestay

Drive to Hee-Bermiok, a delightful offbeat village. You will see cardamom plantations and orange trees as far as the eye can see. The homestays here radiate a traditional charm and worth the stay over.  

Make a last stopover at Azing’s Farm in Hathi Dhunga. You can spend your day learning about organic farming and rearing stingless honey bees. Sit under the shade of a tree and try their fruit wines and honey sold at the property before heading home.


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