Witness snowfall in Sikkim this winter

There are a couple of snowfall destinations in India and Sikkim is one of them. Located in northeast India, and in close proximity to the eastern Himalayas, Sikkim experiences frigid temperatures in the winter months in the higher altitudes and inevitably receives snowfall between December and February. The average temperature in high altitudes of Sikkim hovers between 5°C to -7°C. Though the terrain is not suitable for outdoor winter sports such as skiing, it’s still a great place to see snow, play around in it, and experience a winter wonderland.

Places to see snow in East Sikkim

Tsomgo Lake: A high-altitude glacial lake, it remains frozen in the winter months and is surrounded by snow. A ropeway ride at the lake gives a good view of the snow-covered terrain and you can spend some time at the top admiring the view. You can also enjoy a yak ride around the lake.

Zuluk: Once a trading route, it’s known for its 32 hairpin bends. Thambi Viewpoint situated at an altitude of 11,600 ft. above sea level offers an excellent sunrise view.

Places to see snow in North Sikkim

Yumthang Valley: In full bloom in the summer months, this valley completely changes during winter and is thickly blanketed in snow.

Gurudongmar Lake: The highest lake in Sikkim turns from a sparkling blue to white in winter. What’s astonishing about this lake is that no matter how much the temperatures drop, a part of it always stays unfrozen.

Zero Point: Situated at an altitude of 15,300 ft and close to the China border, Zero Point is one place that receives snowfall without fail.

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A kid enjoying the snow near her home

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