5 Good Reasons to Book a Sikkim Tour Package

Sikkim is a state that holds a special fascination for travellers—maybe because it was once a separate kingdom that was governed by a monarchy, or that it shares a border with China, or is praised by visitors for its cleanliness and unparalleled beauty.

Whatever the reasons, Sikkim makes an unforgettable impression on anyone visiting this northeastern state of India that is fringed by the eastern Himalayas.


(1) Pristine Nature

As a Himalayan state, the topography is made up of high mountain passes, verdant hills, valleys, gorges, forests, streams, hot springs, and waterfalls. The Himalayas can be seen in all their glory, and you get the best views of Mt. Khangchendzonga, the 3rd highest peak in the world from here.   

Sikkim’s National Parks allow you to closely observe the region’s native plants, birds, insects, and wildlife through its trekking trails and nature walks. Forest bathing, forest foraging, and hiking are all part of the local experience and help you relax, heal, and rejuvenate. It also snows in the winter months, making it one of the few snowfall destinations in India.

(2) Different Seasons

Sikkim experiences all the seasons, although it rains on and off throughout the year. Spring and summer see beautiful wildflowers painting the valleys. Monsoons are from June-Mid-September and are ideal for birdwatching. Autumn runs from September end to the beginning of November. The landscape blushes in autumnal hues of oranges, yellows, and reds. Winters are chilly but it’s a chance to enjoy snowfall.

(3) Culture and People

Sikkim’s 3 main tribes, the Bhutias, Nepalis, and Lepchas, offer different cultural experiences in terms of customs, food, crafts, and beliefs. Village tours, homestays, and festivals are great options to experience different cultures in close range. The locals are very hospitable and you wouldn’t have trouble getting around.

(4) Adventure Activities

There’s no dearth of outdoor activities in Sikkim. Whether on the ground or air, you can enjoy the beauty of the state. Popular activities include biking, mountain biking, trekking, paragliding, zip lining, helicopter rides, and rafting.

(5) Spiritual Wellness and Healing

The prevalence of Buddhism is evident in the scores of monasteries all over the state. The monasteries are free to enter and the residing monks are more than happy to give you a tour explaining the significance of symbols, relics, etc.

Sikkim’s hot springs are known for their healing properties and you’ll find many locals thronging these springs to take a healing dip throughout the year. The hot springs are known to heal skin diseases, arthritis, etc.


The best time to visit Sikkim is the summer months from March-May, and from October-February. The beginning of the year is good for sightseeing and treks and the winter months for witnessing snowfall.

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