Sikkim: A destination for the immersive traveller

Sikkim wins hands-down as a happening tourist destination in Northeast India. With its charming natural beauty and rich history and culture, there is a lot to learn and explore in this once sovereign monarchical state.

Sikkim’s inhabitants are just as interesting, with 3 major communities (Bhutias, Nepalis, and Lepchas) living harmoniously for centuries. From food to religious festivals, each community brings a fascinating aspect to the table, offering a cultural extravaganza of sorts to the foreign visitor.

It’d be wrong to say that visiting one part of Sikkim is equal to understanding the entire state as each part of this hilly region is distinct from the other. Sikkim has flowering valleys in the north, religious sites and tea gardens in the south, vibrant city life and lakes in the east, and historical sites in the west.

Hence, a holiday to Sikkim warrants at least a 10-day visit or multiple visits for a truly immersive experience. Make sure you choose the best Sikkim holiday package that covers most of the popular tourist sites from a trusted travel company.


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