Not only known for its rich diversity in culture and tradition, India is also known for its delicious diverse cuisines. One of the Northeastern states of India, Mizoram has a variety of unimaginably delicious delicates to offer. Mizo cuisine is the traditional cuisine of the people of Mizoram. The delicious food of Mizoram is mild to slightly spicy, tinted with influences of Chinese and North Indian cuisines. This blend gives a unique taste, and you will remember them long after you’ve eaten it. Mizo cuisine also shares characteristics with cuisine from other states of Northeast India. Like other Northeast states, rice is the staple food in Mizoram. Some popular meats in Mizoram cuisine are fish, chicken, pork, and beef. Mostly the food preparations are nonvegetarian in Mizoram. However, a fair share of vegetarian delicacies is also consumed.

Traditionally, the food in Mizoram is served on banana leaves, which makes Mizo food special. This is done to maintain their ancient culture. It adds flavor, fragrance, and a good presentation to the dish that makes it enticingly irresistible. Most of the dishes in Mizoram are cooked with mustard oil, which gives a distinct flavor to the dishes. People in Mizoram prefer bland meals with very little or no oil at all, boiled and steamed vegetables, and rice with fish. They use spices occasionally, and when they do, they mostly prefer using locally grown organic fresh spices. Lots of bamboo shoot is used in the preparation of their dishes. Bamboo shoots are considered a dish of its own. Dried bamboo shoots are added to many dishes, especially meat, as a spice. Keep reading…


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