Often referred to as paradise on earth, Nepal is a small and beautiful country sharing borders with India and China. The food of Nepal has a wide range of tastes, and you will perhaps be able to experience all types of tastes that exist. One of the blessings of Nepal is that this country rejoices in its diversity and every community proffers something special on the plate to enjoy. The food of Nepal ranges from sweet, salty, sour, and bitter to food with pungent smells yet delicious.

The flavors in Nepal are unique and the preparations of traditional food are interesting. Due to the wonderful variation in its landform, the food of Nepal has been influenced by other neighboring countries as well. You will be able to enjoy ethnic dishes in Nepal also find yourself indulging in food influenced by India, Tibet, and China. Nepal is a fascinating place with complex cuisine and satisfying flavors. The food of Nepal is for all; whether you are a meat-eater or not the food is appealing to all. Unlike many Asian countries, due to the presence of Buddhist and Hindu traditions in Nepal, vegetarian food can be easily found in all places. Read more…


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