Arunachal Pradesh is the ultimate destination for wildlife tourism. The state has two national parks and several wildlife sanctuaries that are home to endangered as well as rare animals found only in the Northeast region of the country. Leopard, tiger, red fox, Hoolock gibbon, pigtailed Assamese macaque, capped langur, and red panda can be found in these beautiful landscapes. Perhaps Arunachal Pradesh is the only state in India that is home to four major cats: tiger, clouded leopard, snow leopard, and leopard. 

The state has over 500 species of birds, 7 species of primates, and 25 species of mammals found across its national parks and wildlife sanctuaries. 


Arunachal Pradesh’s famous national parks are Namdapha National Park and the rich Mougling National Park. Like other National Parks of Northeast states in India, these parks in Arunachal Pradesh are home to diverse wildlife ecosystems. These parks are mostly covered with majestic mountains and dense forests and have many large water bodies that sustain the wildlife of the park.

Namdapha National Park:

Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh is one of the diverse ecosystems in the Indian subcontinent. It is in the lower Eastern Himalayan belt and provides beautiful views of the Himalayan peaks nearby. This beautiful park is tucked between the Patkai and Dapha Bum range of Mishmi Hills in Arunachal Pradesh. Spread across 1807.82 sq km, Namdapha National Park in Arunachal Pradesh is one of the largest areas to have been declared a protected zone in the Eastern Himalayas. The park was first established as a wildlife sanctuary in 1972, and in 1983, it was declared as a national park. Read more…


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