Sikkim’s lakes are one of the geographical highlights of the region. From having one of the highest lakes in the world (Gurudongmar Lake) to several sacred lakes that are tied to myths, a trip to at least one lake is included in every itinerary for a good reason.

An East Sikkim tour package usually covers the popular Changu (Tsongmo) Lake where tourists can take yak rides and go on the ropeway for a panoramic view of the surroundings. This is usually the first stop before tourists drive ahead to visit Baba Mandir and finally Nathu La Pass before heading back.

However, there is a hidden gem of a lake that lies close to Baba Mandir but never makes it to any itinerary.  We’re talking about Memencho Lake—a pristine lake that has eluded every tourist unless some local has spilt the beans.

An elusive trail at baba Mandir takes you down to Memencho Lake, cleverly hidden in a forest of pine. If you are lucky, you might see a yak otherwise there’s no one around unless someone is staying in the guest lodge or they are taking care of trout in the breeding grid that gently floats over the lake.  

You can read or even listen about a recent trip someone took to Memencho Lake for the first time from this blog article A sensory visit to Memencho Lake. She recounts her excitement at finally visiting the place that’s been talked about so much among her friends, her first impression of it, the treasures she collected from there, and whether it’s worth the hype.

Note: You require a permit to visit Memencho Lake, which can be easily arranged by a travel agent.


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