A surreal journey from Darjeeling to Mirik

Darjeeling is one of the destinations that is, on top of the wish list of many travelers. Darjeeling in itself is a bundle of happiness and has numerous places to visit. However, there is another place that is about 50 km from the town which has also been attracting tourists for a long time now.

Mirik is a small quite town near Indo-Nepal border and is famous for its lake and tea gardens. People who visit Darjeeling often visit Mirik and the journey from Darjeeling to Mirik by road is also an experience in itself.  A road from Ghoom station goes to Sukhiapokhri, a busy hill township located 20 kms from Darjeeling which then continues to Mirik through scenic tea gardens and lovely mountain landscapes. 

There are several viewpoints where you can stop for some time and admire the beauty of nature while on road. One such viewpoint is the Simana View Point and on the way to Mirik you can see Maneybhanjan below the beautiful mountains on a clear day. On the other side of valley, road to Sandakhphu is visible and on right Khangchendzonga Range can be seen. 

From Simana the road towards Mirik, acts as the divider between India and Nepal. And it is quite astounding that just a road separates two countries. You can halt here to shop, get freshened or have some tea and snacks. While on the way from Darjeeling to Mirik, you can also visit Pashupati Market in Nepal, 1 km away from India Border. Mirik is 12 km from Pashupati Market and at an average altitude of 5,000ft. And when you reach Mirik, one of the places you can visit is the Mirik Monastery on top of the Mirik Lake. You can indulge in boating at Mirik Lake and stroll through the forest nearby. There are also several restaurants where you can relax and enjoy some good food.

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